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Tipi village tour
1-1,5 hour
Introduction to native Americans history and everyday habits. Discover native Lakota home - Tipi. Imagine life in tipi - families wakeing up in in scared circle of tipi floor to start a new day in a wild and endless prairie. Imagine beautifule sunsets when people gathered into the tipis to sit around campfires. In one of our tipi we will also serve local wild herbs tea
Price 15 €  adult / 7 €  child
Group up to 30

Two day nomadic trek "Hiking on snowshoes in the tranquil bogs of Rapla County"

A primeval nomadic trek is the perfect trial for the brave and the adventurous. This is an escape from the harrowing limitations of daily routine to get back in touch with yourself and nature.

For two days, we'll be hiking on snowshoes; during the night, we'll stay in a tepee by a crackling fire. We will travel across cultivated landscapes, bogs and through the woods. On the first day, we will cover 17 km and on the second day, 10 km.

The price includes: snowshoes, sleeping bags, food for the trip and a guide. The minimum size of the group is 3 trekkers.

Pick suitable footwear and dress in layers. The trek begins from the Preeriakoda campsite in Varbola.

The snow has stories... Welcome!

Tipi night

Come and enjoy sunset in our wild camp, light Your night fire in a tipi. Feel the real ancient natives atmosphere under the tipi cover and scared cone dwelling.

Price 40 € adult / 20 € child
up to 8 person to one tipi, up to 20 persons devided into 6 different tipis.

Bog- and snowshoe tours
Right behind tipi village starts magical bog landscapes waiting to discover. Bogs are loved by our big mammals like moos, roe deer, lynx, wolves and brown bear. Even if it is rear to meet some of them with group of hikers we can read their diaries from tracks they leave behind. Also bog landscapes are really something like from another world.
Bogshoes will make it possible to discover those landscapes year around..

Price 50 € adult / 25  € child
2-3 hour bog tour